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Flow Consulting Provides the Full Hydraulic Design Package

From Conceptual ideas and advice through to
Construction Drawings, and Specifications.

The Building Services we design:

  • Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage 

  • Hot and Cold-Water Reticulation.

  • Backflow Prevention Reporting and Design.

  • Gas and Solar Water heating Systems.

  • Rain Harvesting / Reuse Systems. 

  • Water pump and Filtration Systems.

  • Syphonic and Conventional Rainwater Systems.

  • Sewer and Storm water Drainage.

  • Wastewater and Trade waste treatment Systems.

  • Water supply and Fire mains.

Hydraulic Services Design and Documentation

Well-designed and correctly documented details enable our designs to be consented seamlessly with councils around the country, as well as ensuring our client’s nominated contractors will be able to be able to tender a project on a level playfield, with all the detail to be able to construct the designed final product – Without unnecessary RFIs or tender price variations.

As all our team members have cut their teeth on the tools in the construction industry working as commercial plumbers and drainlayers in the past. This enables Flow Consulting to deliver practical relevant design documentation, Scope of work Documents and Specifications which is well received by the industry.

Unlike a lot of consultants working in the sector we are after all Plumbers designing for Plumbers!

BIM Modelling and Coordination

Our in-house BIM modelling team use the latest software available to model and coordinate our designed services with all other constants in the design team for a given project.

We have heavy invested in building our own Revit families to ensure that our designed services and accurate, allowing us to confirm floor and beam penetrations, set outs or clashes early in the design phase and to fully coordinate with all other services.

On complex projects we provide multiple printed views of coordinated services to assist the installing contractor and we can provide virtual 3D building fly-throughs.

On-Site Investigation and CCTV Service’s Locations 

Unless a site is a completely new Greenfields site - undertaking a detailed on-site services investigation is invaluable exercise. If any existing services are proposed to be reused as part of a new development, then we strongly recommend that they firstly be located and secondly the condition of the services is assessed to ensure that it is fit for purpose. 

Too often costing variations arise on existing sites when an existing drain or water main is found to be located under a new building or extension. Often when a service is assumed to be suitable but when the contractors on site locate it, they find that it is undersized, damaged or at an incorrect invert to be able to be used after all. 

Ground scanning, CCTV inspection and if necessary, excavation to confirm a drain invert are a very cost-effective solution to de-risk a projects contingency sum early on in the design phase. The Flow Consulting team personally undertake any required on-site investigation work and then accurately document those findings directly onto our design plans – providing design advice to mitigate risk if required in the concept design stage. 

Water Pressure and Fire Hydrant Flow Testing 

We have the staff and calibrated equipment to conduct hydrant tests. We carry out these tests with a comprehensive flow test report to determine what the available flow and pressure is from the hydrant main, to assist with consent and fire system design.

We liaise with local councils and/or Fire and Emergency in the Waikato area.  

Water Services Act Compliance Design, Registration and Reporting

The Water Services Act came into effect on 15 November 2021. The primary purpose of this act, its associated standards and rules is to ensure a safe supply of drinking water. 

Here at Flow Consulting we have the knowledge and experience to help assist communities and businesses to comply, where they have their own drinking water supply.  e.g., rain harvesting and or bore water. 

Services we provide

  • Site audit - reporting

  • Drinking Water testing - e coli etc

  • Drinking water safety plan

  • Source water risk management plan

  • Backflow prevention

  • Water treatment design

Backflow Prevention Cross Connection Surveys and Philosophy Reporting 

The Building Act 2004 requires all buildings to have a safe and adequate water supply. We have the expertise in backflow prevention to offer property surveys, design and philosophy reporting to comply.

Water Impact and Site Assessment Reporting for Resource and Building Consenting

Plumbing, Drainage and Roofing Condition Assessment Reporting and Planning.

We have the knowledge and experience with over 25 years as Certified Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers to deliver a comprehensive report and or assistance with design and planning. 

Building and Trade Waste Consenting.

We find people don’t like dealing with territorial authorities. Here at Flow Consulting we can carry out the consent process and keep you informed throughout. 

Producer Statement Authorisation and Peer Reviews.

Here at Flow Consulting we have the expertise to provide Producer Statements (PS1 & PS4) and the ability to Peer Review (PS2) another consultant’s designs. Peer Review is a powerful tool in maintaining and enhancing the quality of consultants work.