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The Full Hydraulic Services Design Package.

From Feasibility to Building Consent-Tender and Construction Design.

Flow Consulting Ltd provides Practical Buildable Plumbing, Design, and Compliance services the Construction Sector.

We aim to ensure a seamless "Flow" for our client’s projects from our initial consultation through the design and solution process. Our team have all have had significant past experience on the tools working in the construction sector, so we know what is required to deliver a buildable solution to your project. 

Since establishment, Flow Consulting has focused on exceeding our client’s requirements and expectations. Flow Consulting aims to provide the best solution for any given plumbing challenge, with our designed documentation published PDF from CAD or BIM 360 modelling.

We ensure that our designed work is consented seamlessly with councils around the country and that and that your nominated contractors will be able to be able to tender your project on a level playfield, with all the detail needed to construct the designed final product. 

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Phone: 0800 FLOW CONSULT (0800 356 926)

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